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Sandra Puente, photographer, was born in Santo Antonio, Chile, and raised in São Paulo. Sandra graduated in Graphic Design at the FAAP School of Arts, where she developed a passion and talent for photography. Her early career in the field was concomitant to the advent of digital photography. She started her career working with stills for the Pão de Açucar Group.
Having relocated to Florianópolis, Sandra Puente worked with photojournalism for O Estado, and with the main advertising agencies in southern Brazil.  She is widely regarded as a gifted business photographer, working in collaboration with renowned graphic arts and design groups.  Current work includes advertising campaigns on catalogues, magazines and websites, with clients including Marcca, Daraujo Comunicação, Gás Multiagência, Angeloni Supermercados, Núcleo Design Inn and Santa Catarina Design Fair.

Sandra´s Puente fully explores photographic elements such as depth perception, composition, lighting and movement to impart and explore product values. Her images awake senses and emotions, invoking flavors, scents, sounds and desires; fully capturing the moment's intensity, and openly inviting touch, feel and detailed observation. Sandras photographic work acts as strong catalyst to idea development and customer engagement.


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